Environmentally friendly packaging solutions for everyday goods

CreaMill Ltd. relies on a business model where we invent and license environmentally friendly packaging solutions to bring joy and ease of use to the consumer. Patented products and inventions provide added value for material and packaging manufacturers, brands, stores and the end user.



Handy resealable adhesive closure for flexible packages, without plastic.

Creamill Oy has applied for a patent on handy resealable adhesive closure that can be folded in hidden so that the product or user’s fingers won’t touch the sticky glued surface. The mouth of the bag can be closed very tightly repeatedly.

This invention can replace plastic zippers in almost any flexible paper bags, which enables easy recycling.

Using this closure is faster and easier than using zipper. A euro hole can be integrated into the closure.

Our invention makes it easier to move from plastic bags to fiber bags.

We are pleased to introduce our remarkable resealable package closure invention to brand owners and package manufacturers. For more information and to explore how our innovative solution can benefit your products, please contact us.

The unique, easy usability and new package design of ez2open™ combined with recyclable and compostable heat sealed high barrier fibre materials is an answer to the ever more demanding consumer and their needs.

ez2open™and high barrier paper will be replacing plastic and foil packaging currently in use.

ez2open™ improves the user experience of the current paper packaging.

ez2open™ and unique packaging design grabs the consumers attention on store shelves.




Over 220 billion tea bags are produced every year, and often the tea drinker agonizes where to place the dripping and messy tea bag.

A simple solution is to place it back into the same compostable package where it was first taken from and throw it into a bio waste recycling bin in the end.

Easy to handle and elegant Steabag® invention is a part of a setting in hotels, restaurants and cafes. It is also handy at airports, trains, events, business meetings etc.

Materials used in Steabag® are recyclable or compostable high barrier paper.

Ez2open™ makes the stain-free tea package even better. Steabag® raises the underrated tea bag on a pedestal where it belongs as a top consumer product.