Lobster is a mushy animal in a hard rigid shell.

The Lobster grows every day from birth, but its shell does not. When the Lobster starts to feel uncomfortable and cramped in its shell it crawls under a rock, sheds its shell and builds a new one. This is a fresh start for the Lobster. Now it feels good and is safe inside its newly built hard shell, ready to take on new challenges.
In pursuit to revolutionize the food and beverage packaging industry, we also crawled under a rock to shed our shell and arose anew. This time our shell is bigger, more comfortable and ready to take us towards new challenges, just like the Lobster.

We are excited to announce that our lobster shell, or in other words our company, has a new name: CreaMill. The name change was necessary to accommodate our evolving and growing business model. Instead of only having one product we have invented something new again. This time it is Ez2Open packaging equipped with our fibre rupture stopper, which we will tell you more about in a separate post. As these packaging inventions see the light of day and as there are many more packaging inventions to come, we felt that our previous shell was not roomy enough for us.

CreaMill is a name and a place where inventions are made. Our talented CEO/Inventor Matti Koskinen is bursting with ideas and in order to make the most of Matti’s relentless imagination and ability to first see problems and then fix them, is embodied in our new company name CreaMill.

CreaMill gives us a fresh start. CreaMill allows us to invent and solve everyday problems more easily. Along with CreaMill comes a new and fresh visual look to our website, and also revitalized team. CreaMill has new blood in its ranks that enables us to look into the horizon with a team capable of not only executing problems and finding solutions, but also dynamizing the sales and marketing of the said inventions.

Our core products are not going anywhere, nor are we spreading ourselves too thin as every problem and every solution is carefully thought out. We put in the work and we do what must be done to provide packaging manufacturers more added value and a clear market differentiator with Spotless Teabag and Ez2Open.

Stay tuned for more news about lobsters and packaging in the year 2024. Boy, does time fly.

The CreaMill team wishes you happy holidays and hopes to hear from you soon.

-CreaMill team